2011 – Starting small – but thinking big!

In the spring, New Yorker Joe Martine, his artist friend Rick Barnocky and a manual 6-arm screen printing machine move into the print studio at Fichtenstraße 70 in Düsseldorf. The plan initially only 20 m² was to allow private screen printing on canvases and other textile surfaces. It succeeds and from now on own designs are printed every free minute.

2012 – Festivals, Fairs & Events

Is printed for friends and acquaintances of the artists. At events like the Neusser “Weiberkram” bags, T-shirts and printed canvases are brought to the man and to the woman. Demand is growing …

2013 – Friends becoming Partners

After three years of private screen printing in Düsseldorf, Joe Martine and Bagstage associate Philipp Zimmermann decide to expand the proximity and work in cooperation at the end of the year.

2014 – Hello GmbH

A new, larger concept will be developed and corresponding contracts will be concluded. Print Jelly GmbH was born and becomes official with entry in the commercial register on February 27th!

Soon after, the renovation work begins and the small studio is extended to 100m² and two floors. A little later, the new fully automatic screen printing machine from Hebbecker is delivered, set up and tested for its many functions for weeks. After this intensive trial period, in which countless textiles and colors were tried, we are in a positive mood! We are ready – the customers can come!

2015 – Sustainability and new momentum

Various concepts for creative actions are completed and can finally be offered after a test phase at the end of 2014. In addition, Print Jelly now also begins to sell its own products not only in markets, but also via online shops. Another important step is the decision to print your own designs only on sustainable and ethically produced products. This marks the beginning of the cooperation with the Berlin-based Continental Clothing Company.

2017 – Joe moves out

Joe Martine sells his half of the company to Phillip Zimmermann. To find Joe, visit his Facebook page (facebook.com/joelovesyou.de) or his website (joelovesyou.de). Print Jelly is now Printstage GmbH