HodgepodgeArts and crafts action for your event

The painting action

Hodgepodge Junge

Each participant draws a picture, whereby the entire action should produce a maximum of 30 drawings.

The only materials you need are black pencils and white paper.

Depending on the type and occasion of your event, you decide whether the painting action

  • themed or free
  • simultaneously or sequentially
  • or as a “creative mess” (Hodgepodge)

You send the result to us in one go.

The DesignFusion

Hodgepodge Fusion

Upon receiving your submissions, the graphic team will begin designing the DesignFusion.

With great attention to detail and an eye for the big picture, the individual works are digitally “fused” into a unique hodgepodge graphic.

Of course, text elements – such as topic, name or date of the event – can also be inserted at this point.

Just as you like it!

The production

Hodgepodge Druck

After we have received your print approval, we will create the screen with which your graphic will be printed on the t-shirts.

You define this in advance

  • the desired sizes
  • the color group of the textiles (light or dark)
  • a corresponding printing color

Now we can print the t-shirts for you – alternatively also hoodies, sweatshirts or bags.

By arrangement, it is also possible for the children to print their own T-shirts in our print shop. This makes for a great holiday learning program for children and students.

A Shirt to Remember!

Hodgepodge Kids

With the Hodgepodge T-shirt from Printstage, you have an individual and lasting memento that will delight young and old alike!

And it is sustainable not only because the memory of your event has become material, but also because we rely on sustainability and fair wear for the textiles used. On request, we can offer products from the Berlin company “Continental Clothing” for the Hodgepodge campaign. We also stock Stanley Stella, Stedman and Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, so there’s something for every budget.

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